How to Build Remote Cleaning Business from 0-10k/mo in 120 Days Using The Growth Cleaning Protocol

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Case Studies

How Nick Hit 10k/mo in 46 Days Inside Growth Cleaning

Michael and Nick talk about how he was able to launch his cleaning business as a side hustle and use our growth cleaning system to hit $10k/mo in his business

How Michael Hit 10k/mo in 24 Days Inside Growth Cleaning

Michael and Mike talk about how he was able to grow his cleaning business to 10k/mo within 1 month of being live.

How Brian Hit 10k/mo in under 2 Months Inside Growth Cleaning

Michael and Brian chat about how he was able to build his business in under 2 months to 10k revenue per month as well as his growth strategy moving forward.  

Sean Hit 12k/mo Inside Growth Cleaning

Michael and Sean worked together and addressed some of his marketing issues and were able to get his cleaning company's topline revenue to over 12k while maintaining over 40% net margin

Tyler Hit 17k/mo Inside Growth Cleaning

Michael and Tyler worked together with a focus on marketing, hiring, operations and automations to get his cleaning company up to 17k per month

Why Business Owners Join Growth Cleaning

The Promise

The Problem

As early business owners look to build reliable, cash flow generating businesses, many often try to start local cleaning business in hopes to unlock their time, location, and financial freedom they have always wanted.

However, many cleaning business owners find themselves with similar problems...

They are either struggling because they do not know where to start or the correct sequencing of how to launch a cleaning business. Or

They are experiencing inconsistent growth and unpredictability because they are not able to consistent acquire new customers while simultaneously scale their operations in an efficient way. So even if they do grow, they are not doing so in a unprofitable way, leaving them defeated and onto the next "idea".

It is very difficult to do both of these at the same time while growing a company, especially for first time entrepreneurs with little to no experience!

But that is primarily due to the fact that they do not have a clear understanding of the processes and systems that need to be in place to create repeatable and profitable business units that you can rely on year over year. Combined with the knowledge of how to analyze and roadmap these systems and processes so you can take the correct next steps in your business when presented with challenges or roadblocks as you grow.

Some will understand that they need to create operations to effectively run their business, but do not know how and will lead to poor results and never hitting escape velocity in their cleaning business.

Others will not know that they need to do this... and we all know what will happen to them. *sigh*

Frustration, loss of motivation, and a slow decay towards finally giving up on their hopes and dreams.

They want to build a dependable business that eventually can be scaled to the point where they can be working on the business, not in the business.

What You're Probably Experiencing

Unable to identify what is a target market and market indicators

Inability to differentiate from competitors

Insufficient marketing and lead-generation efforts

Ineffective task management and time management

No standardized business processes and practices

Little to no data tracking for key performance metrics for data-driven decision making

Lack of understanding of profitability metrics and financial statements

Reliant on a small group of clients for income or one marketing channel

Client retention issues due to lack of correct incentive structures and communication problems or service delivery

Difficulty in managing remote or distributed teams

Inefficient internal and client communication and collaboration

Lack of systems and tools for project and workflow management

Limited knowledge or experience in sales and negotiation

Absence of a clear and effective sales process

Frustration in achieving desired revenue goals

Desire for a streamlined client fulfillment process without knowing how to create it

Striving to make the business more hands-off without a clear path, losing valuable time in the process

Where We Will Take You

The goal of Growth Cleaning is to give you the tools and knowledge to not only successfully launch your cleaning business but also have a clear understanding of the future roadmap for the years ahead as you grow. You will be able to build hyper efficient systems and processes to scale and have standard business practices so that you can build a team around you who will be able to manage and execute the business on the day to day.

As you grow, you will be constantly monitoring and tracking key performance metrics to know the financial health of your company as well as where you need to make adjustments to your business. you will have a diverse range of marketing and hiring channels that will make you resistant to sudden platform changes or market conditions.

When you put this all together, you have a cash flowing, profitable, sustainable and growing cleaning business that will be set up for you for years to come. But most of all, you will have the confidence because of your competence as a business owner and entreprenuer.

Help You Build A Cleaning Company Remotely With Systems & Processes That Will Help You Scale To $10k/Mo In 4 Months Or Less... WITHOUT Spending Hours Of Trail & Error, Hiring Agencies That Waste Your Time & Money Instead Of Helping You Grow... WHILE Staying Profitable The Entire Time.

(And I Will Work With You Personally Until You Do)

We Will Show You The Process to Building a $10k/mo business

1: Target Market Research
Conduct targeted research study to identify market opportunity and key market metrics and unit economics. Clearly defined market.
2: Business Set Up
Follow step by step business set up registration process to expedite time to market and launch.
3: Business Launch and Goal Setting
Attend final checklist and launch strategy session with Michael to ensure launch success and identify potential challenges and solutions.
4: Onboarding Process
Develop multiple hiring funnels to onboard cleaners. Create an automated structure and sequence for a seamless onboarding process and initial cleaner success.
5: Build Marketing Channels
Use multiple marketing channels and latest strategies to create profitable unit economics for any given marketing channel. Diversify lead generation to become market and platform resistant.
6: Inbound & Outbound Sales
Understand the sales process and strategies to increase conversion for potential new customers. Create frameworks for different types of customers.
7: Operations & Management
Automate your operations through systems and processes that scale as you grow. Save time and efficiency by leveraging technology.
8: Financials & Reporting
Develop an understanding of key performance indicators for a healthy and growing cleaning business. Create reports based on this and make data-driven decisions on a consistent basis.
9: Scaling
Understand your personal business goals and blueprint for how to scale while growing AND pulling yourself out of the day-to-day of your business.

Warning: Clients Who Get Results Work Abnormally Hard & May Have Access to Resources You Don't

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